Picture of the day: A plane going in for landing in my hometown

Travel both for work and more for travel itself is a big part of my life. The Wideroe airline is the local airline where I live, and I spend many hours on such planes during a year. They are rather small, and on different times of the year the weather can be  tough, and the ride rather “bumpy”. In most circumstances however they will  get you home. Todays images shows one of the planes maybe 30 seconds before landing yesterday at the airport in my hometown.


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Picture of the day: Some coal mine history at Svalbard

Todays image is some of the carriages  that were used to bring the coal down from the many mines surrounding Longyearbyen town at Svalbard. Today the mining is very much reduced , and the carriages have been replaces with trucks. Still they make for excellent photographic opportunities.


Picture of the day: Evening football match at lake Titicaca

Todays image is one of the more fascinating events I have been a part of. When I did my trip around Peru last year, we had a homestay in a small village lakeside the Titicaca lake at approx 4000 meters altitude, and for those who have been at such altitudes know that physical activity is not all that easy. so what is more natural than a football match. I personally choose not to participate, just  trying to keep my breath and save the moment with my camera.


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