Picture of the day: Day of geology

Today is geology day.  I have to admit, this was kind of new to me, but still… Around my hometown there are a lot of famous mountain, and the most famous is Torghatten that have a gigantic hole thru the entire mountain, and is quite the phenomenon in the geology field. You get a sense of the size of this hole in the image below. So today there where an excursion up to the mountain, and a professor gave a lecture about the mountain and how it have been shaped and so on. Very nice hike, and quite interesting lecture.


Picture of the day: Crowded place (Taj Mahal)

Todays stroll down memory lane is of maybe one of the most famous, most visited and impressive buildings in the world. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Shot way back in 2012 it was quite the view when it appeared thru the main gate for the first time. And as you can see, there where lots and lots of other people gathering to view the site.


Picture of the day: Fall is here

I was out and about today, and one of the more photogenic location that I know is the local harbour, and the ships entering , docking and leaving. Todays shot is from earlier today, and as you can se from the clouds , even if the weather is kind of ok , the summer is definitely leaving, and a colder and wetter season is getting closer.


Exploring the world


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