Picture of the day: Svalbard history – bringing out the coal


I have now left Svalbard, after ten magnificent days here. But I have many pictures to show, and I will start today with a little history. Longyearbyen town was founded on mining after coal, and there are several mines close to the town. Most of them are closed down today, but you can still see these structures from the mines, going down to the town.  This is the transport system for bringing down the coal. You can see the buckets hanging from the wires, and it was quite the effective system.




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Picture of the day: Snowy mountains in black and white

I was out and about on a photosafari today here at Svalbard. This was a very nice experience, and even if the weather was not all the best, we got presented with a lot of good photo oportunities.

One of the excellent tips that I got today was that becouse the weather was so bad, I can be an different point of view to shoot in black and white, so I tried that today.

The image show the mountain leading up to one of the many mines here at Svalbard, and the man made stuctures that you see at the foot of the mountains is a transport network for bringing the coal down to the town for shipping.