PIcture of the day: Sunset view from a train

This sunset was captured going on the long haul train ride from Cape Town to Johannesburg earlier this year. We had just passed a water tower, and the sunset was of its beauty only to be seen in Africa.




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Picture of the day: The front deck on the USS Missouri

This is taken at the USS Missouri that is located at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, USA. Quite the impressive piece of engineering , and also a great part of world history. It was on this very ship that the end of World War 2 was finalised with the signing ceremony of the surrender of Japan on the 2. September 1945 in Tokyo Bay.



Picture of the day: What city is this???

When you are looking at images, even the most obvious clues don’t give it away. I see the statue of liberty, some kind of Eiffel tower, and something that resembles the Brooklyn bridge.  When it all comes together it makes it finally makes sense. I am looking at the island of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan.