Picture of the day: The old abandoned whaling station “Stromness” in South Georgia

This is remembrance of yesteryear.  There are a lot of old abandoned whaling stations all over the southern oceans , and today they are manly rusty pieces of history. Image is shot at the old whaling station at “Stromness bay” in South Georgia.


Picture of the day: “Lady Elizabeth” in Stanley

The port of Stanley in the Falkland Islands is a quite fascinating place. And one of the major attractions is this iron Barque , the “Lady Elizabeth”, that beached and became shipwrecked here in 1913, and in 1936 she drifted to where she currently i located in a small cove just outside the town. I think she is quite the sight, and for those of you  have seen my maritime images, I enjoy presenting them in black and white , and with a little grain to bring out the “history”.


Picture of the day: If Your Pictures Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Close Enough

That is a quote from the famous war photographer Robert Capa, and as a lover of natural photographer I enjoy the usage of long telezoom lenses. But sometimes it just do not work. The shot of the day is from the Falkland Islands, and we where visiting a Rockhopper penguin colony, and the penguins where very close. So I got my fish eye lens out, and lie down on the ground. The rockhoppers was intrigued, and they came up close. So I guess this image is shot at a distance of between 5-10 cm. Good fun.


Picture of the day: There she blows (Whale in Southern Ocean)

One of my big hopes of my trip to Southern Ocean was to be able to photograph whale of any kind. On route to the Falkland Islands, we got the chance, and what a sight. Incredible animals, and a beautiful sight. I am not quite sure what kind of whale this is, but the naturalist onboard the ship suggested that it probably was a Sei or a Minke whale.


Picture of the day: Antarctic weather

One of the many fascinating things in Antarctica is the ever-changing weather.  I felt  extremely lucky with the  weather, and had every version of it on my trip,  and as a keen photographer, I kind of enjoy it when it is “interesting” outside. This shot is done i Half Moon Bay in the South Shetland Islands, and it was very windy and snowy. Quite excellent. :)


Picture of the day: Elephant seal relaxing

I have just come back from South Georgia in the middle of the Southern Ocean, and what a wildlife heaven. Penguins, Albatross, whales and lots and lots of other wildlife, but not to forget the mighty elephant seal. They where quite spectacular, and an amazing sight.  More to come.


Picture of the day: The beauty of Antarctica

I am in my hotel room at EZE airport in Buenos Aires, and hopefully will I get a flight tomorrow since Lufthansa have cancelled my flight due to a strike… (oh joy…) But I guess it will work out, but I have not gotten any info yet.

I have had some time tonight to think about what I have experienced over the last three weeks in the Southern Oceans and Antarctica, a lot to contemplate about, and more to come. So I think I just will show a little image of the first place we visited in Antarctica , the island of Astrolab, with its iconic mountain range, the “Dragons teeth”.


Picture of the day: Lighthouse (almost) at the end of the world

This is the famous lighthouse in the Beagle channel outside Ushuaia. It is not the lighthouse in the Jules Verne novel “The lighthouse at the end of the world”, that is a little further out, and even more inaccessible. But it is still makes for an excellent view, and serves very well as a note of caution of the dangerous waters in the areas.


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