Picture of the day: A room with a view :) (Tasmanian style)

I have been waiting for posting this, but it is defiantly one of the more interesting accommodations that I ever experienced around the world. I was attending a rather splendid trip to Tasmania earlier this year, and we where going around the east coast of the island, and was close the old prison colony of Port Arthur.  Then we got Our place for the upcoming days. A nice little house with ample space, but the most amazing thing was the old graveyard at the other side of the garden….. A quite haunting experience.. HAHAHA ….:)


Picture of the day: The Daintree rainforest

This is from the Daintree river in the northern Australia. It is shot earlier this year, when we where out looking for the crocs that always are lurking in the water. It was raining , and in that matter the forest was living up to its name. It is actually the worlds oldest rainforest. A cool place indeed.


Picture of the day: Daily life on the Mekong river

Another from the archive, but previously not shown. This is shot at the mighty Mekong river in Vietnam last year. A very interesting place to be, with a lot of history and culture. The Mekong is the lifeline, and todays image is of  what I  guess are some local fisherman that are out doing what they to, surrounded by stunning scenery.


Picture of the day: History…..

As many of you know I went on a trip in may to Bosnia together with some other photographers on a workshop together with a former war photographer that lived and worked there during the war of 1992-1995. There where many impressions that I have been reluctant to share on my blog, but some I just have to share.  Todays image is from the central Sarajevo where there is a monument dedicated to all the children that perished in Sarajevo during the war. The second to last day that I was in Bosnia,  there where a quite powerful ceremony  at the site with a lot of people laying down flowers on the monument to remember the tragedy. The image was shot that same night when I was going back to my hotel, and there where no one else around….. It felt awfully quiet…..


Picture of the day: The moais of Easter Island

Since it is a few months until my next trip, I am showing some images from the archive. The chosen image of the day is from the moai mine on Easter Island that I visited back in 2013. The moai mine was the Volcano where the mighty statues was made, and then they “walked”, or moved their way to their permanent locations around the magnificent island.


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