A short impression of Seoul

Yesterday I was on route from Bangkok to Honolulu with Korean Air. And due to a long time between flights I had some time to spend in Seoul.

First I have to mention the Incheon airport in it self. It is no surprice for me that it is crowned the best airport in the world. It is nice and effective.


Amongst services offered to there users, they have transit tours that takes you around the big sights in Seoul while you wait for your plane.

So that was what I did. The travel agent was named Hanatours.


So  I chose the four hour trip, and than I had good time to get my next flight. Then it was onward to the tourbus.


The weather was nice, and the nature was amazing.


The first stop was at Seoul tower. This was located on a hil and it was a quite step climb to get up to the sight


The view from the road is nice


The area sourranding the tower


The Seoul Tower


The afterwards it was trip down to a market street . It was nice and quiet , and many things was widly available.


A last shot from downtown Seoul


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