Hiking trip to the Manoa Falls

Today it was time to do some of the very famous hiking trails in the mountains of Oahu. And the target of this trip was the Manoa Waterfalls. This is a realy scenic route, and it was quite enjoyable.

Pleace enjoy some picture and short films from the trip.

It is a fairly short trip , about one hour, and we are in America so first a few warnings … just to keep us safe…..


We did not have to venture long before the nature showed it self from its best side


This is the actual valley where some of the old special effect movie Jurassic Park was recorded….


We followed a nice prepared trail up to the waterfalls, it had probably been raining during the day and hence it was a bit muddy along the path.


It was a lot of tourists going up the the mountain, most of them american and japanise .


Then we arrived at the top of the mountain. It was quite spectacular.


And last but not least, a short video showing some of the landscape while I was doing the trip down from the waterfall..


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