Harrisons Cave in Barbados

When I went to Barbados, I talked with a couple of british tourists on the plane. They had been many times to Barbados, and they said that it was two must things to do. Do a jeep safari, and visit the Harrisons Cave.

And so I ventured out to the Harrisons Cave , and the first thing you meet was a nice museum like entrance.


And the sign left no mistake.


Outside the entrance, the vegitation was lush and nice. I allways enjoy the natural coulors of the tropics.


And the entrance to the actuall cave was nicely hidden inside a building.


Inside the cave entrance was a museum like  hall that explaned a little about the cave and the geology of Barbados.

We got ten minutes to look around before we went down into the cave.


Then we went into the cave. We used a kind of small cart like “car-train”. This small video shows the first part of the tour.

The structures inside the cave was amazing.


The size of the cave is too big to  explain. But the next image show a large lake that was located deep inside it.


Here are another video that shows a small stop that was made close to a small river inside the cave. I was quite stunned.

This litte structure is quite cool. The guide told us it was “a poor man that have been asking the future wife to marry  for a couple of thousand years” …. He sure is persistant …..


Some more structures


And last but not least, another lake deep inside the cave.


4 thoughts on “Harrisons Cave in Barbados”

  1. Hi Ray,

    So glad you enjoyed your trip to Harrison’s Cave.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, photos and videos.

    Continue to enjoy your travels!

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