My South America adventure have started. Have arrived in Santiago

After most of the last 24 hours spent on planes traveling from Oslo via Paris and arriving in Santiago de Chile.  First thing I noticed is that it is a lot of fog today, and the temperature is a lot less then what I left in Oslo, Norway….. But I am in the southern hemisphere… and it is “winter here” now. But that does not scare a norwegian. This is the first time I have ever been south of the equator, and I have now made my way to my fourth of the worlds six continents. I am kind of happy with that 🙂

My stay in Santiago is only a short stop, and tomorrow  I will go onwards to Argentine / Brasil / Paraguay and see the Iguazu falls (I cant wait). And then on saturday I will be back here in Santiago for a weeks stay 🙂 I will take a closer look on what the town have to offer then 🙂

The hotel that I am stying on is the Holliday In Santiago Airport. It is literly 50 meters outside the main gate at the airport.


They have a very nice and welcoming feeling


I needed to try some of the local specialities , and I found it fun that this particular beer special facinating since the name of the brand was German


And last , but not least. A view from my hotel 🙂



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