The waterfalls of Iguazu (Argentinan side)

I have been to Iguazu for one day now, and I have spent most of it trying to see the different waterfalls that make up the Iguazu falls. They are quite spectacular, and they are so huge, that no one image can capture the entire thing.

Here you have one view that overlook some of the falls area


A different lookout


From a little higher ground


Then I took the train over to see the “the Devils mouth” , and I see why it got that name


The “mouth” a little more up close and personal 


It is quite difficult to explain , but the fall is actually all around you, and as you can see. The water makes a kind of “fog” that leaves an impression of it beeing bottomless.


And for referance. Here are some calmer part of the river before ending in the  “Devils mouth”



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