Lush I tell you, lush!

I just felt like quoting Stephen Fry and my favourite tv show “QI” when he asked his contestants where it was the least rain in the world, and the suggestion Sahara came up. (It was lush compared with the place in antarctica which held the record)……

I think the term nicely sums up how I feel after beeing in the Argentinian rain forest for a couple of days now.

The forrest is so green (and wet) and it is so beatutiful here. So I just felt like giving you all some examples. 

First of a little scenary. This is the typical forrest around these parts, and you have the Iguazu falls in the back.


On the more macro level, the flora here is just amazing.

Here is a nice blue flower. I am no botanist,  so I dont dare to guess what it is.


Here you have some dense forrest trees


Here you have som kind of “berries”, have no ide if they have poison or not, and I have no intention of investigating , but you find them everywhere here.


There are so many beautiful colors here , and this flower is no exception.


This is just a few examples of how the flora and nature here  is just great. 🙂


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