My first day at Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Today I got another of  my old dreams completed.  I got to come to Easter Island. One of the most isolated , but inhabitated places on this planet.

And I had to get up early and take a plane from Santiago. And the flight over was very nice. And the view was nothing to be shy about.


And after six hours of flight I landet on this rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

The Island is quite small, and most activity is located around the town of Hanga Roa, and it looks very charming. It is for eksample the first time I have meet horses going loose around , and seems to be blending in nicely with the towns “feeling”.


Then I have to show you a moai (the great statues) shot. It will come more when I go on guided trips later this week. But It is what Easter Island is most famous for.


And after a long day. We are going toward its end. And I conclude with some sunsets images taken quite resent.



Good night 🙂



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