Some images along the moai route


I just felt like shareing some images from my trip along the moai route. This is what it is called where most of Easter Islands moai is placed.

Hope you enjoy

Fist we start with a view of the pacific. I have to admit, it feels great here.


Here you have one the old ruins. During war time between the tribes, most of them was ruined.


This is one om the moais head. Laying on the ground


Here is one of the islands many caves. The natives used to hide in here from western exploreres, and during war times.


Now have we reach the quarry, where the moai was buildt. All the statues there is like they where when they was left several hunded years ago.


Just look at the size and detail of the Moai


There are quite a few ready to “walk” to there final destinations


Quite a spectacular view from the quarry


The quarry is located on a volcano, and this is the inside of the crater


Here you have the fifteen moai standig again.


This is a little treat. This is a round shaped volcanic rock, and it is supposedly rather famous world wide, becouse of “esoteric people”  beliving that this have some kind of healing effect, and it suppose to be the only one around. The guide told us it was two more in the water straight ahead of us, and this stone have no relation with Easter Island (Rapa nui) history at all.


I end todays story with a view of the Pacific ocean 🙂


Take care


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