Some more images from Easter Island :)

Fist of I will show you a beautiful landscape image of a small island just outside Easter Island, this was a part of a big game in the early ages, where a brave man swam out to the island, collected an egg from the local bird and brougth it back. He was the big hero afterwards.


This is the crater of the bigget volcano on the island, located at Orango. Quite stunning…..


Next a view of Hanga Roa, the only town on the island.


Here we litterly have some horseplay (no pun intended) outside a Ahu (moai) site.


Here we have another crater, but it is located inside the shoreline, and seeing the waves come crushing is very impressive.


This image does not need an explanation, but the landscapes are breathtaking


Another day, another moai. Here are a very famous group of seven that have been restored to its former glory.


During war time, the islanders started living in caves like this. They are quite large and spectacular.


And last but not least, I end my pictures today with another Easter Island landscape image 🙂


Take care

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