Some images from the trip from Lima to Puno

I made the trip from Lima by plane today, and by Juliaca and to Puno. I am on an adventure arranged by G adventures , and we met up in Lima yesterday. Our tour CEO Gabrielle told us what to do and expect of the next 16 days. We have a very nice tour group consisting of two aussis, two british, two peruvian (counting Gabrielle) and two norwegains actually (my self included)….

We had to get up early and take a plane to Juliaca, and then we continued by car to Puno.


Puno is at 3800 meters altitude, and I have to admit that I am a little under the wind… It is the first time ever that I am at such hights and you can realy  feel the impact on mind and body.


The Inkas had some amazing structures, and here is one. It will be plenty more over the next weeks.


Here is a image of a lake close to the Inka ruins. It is not the Titicaca, and it actualy sits 15 meters higher then Tititcaca


Here is a picture of the main street in Puno


This is the town square



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