Some images from Machu Picchu

I just wanted to share some images of the amazing Machu Picchu. Hope you enjoy

We start with a panoramic view of the entire site


There is so many trails and steps everywhere in the site .


The loaction in the valley is spactacular. No wonder that it was undiscovered for such a long time


The site have four diffenrent ways to get into it. One of the most spectacular ones is the Inka brigde. Of resons not needed to explain, we where not allowed to walk on it.


The valley below is quite steep and narrow.


The site it self have served several puposes.

So here is a image of how the houses was.


A little more close up.


The Inka terraces is the most famous part of the farming practices. And the construction is quite impressive to say the least


Here you might get a little feeling of how steep the buildings are located on the site


Here is a little bit more of the farming structures on the site


And that was just a few images of an excellent visit to an excellent site .


Take care


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