Antigua in black and white

I want to try something new today. I am just showing some images from Antigua in black and white photos. I have posted some black and white photos before, but today all the images in this short post will be of that sort. Hope you like the little different look and feel.

This is the look from outside my hotel. Palm trees all the way.


The maritme element is quite strong everywhere here on Antigua.


This is one of the buildings at Harmoni Hall , it is kind of a italian resturant and a art gallery. Interesting combination


Som art to get the feel


It was some beautiful surroundings … like everywhere on Antigua


On the more cultural side of Antigua …….

Here are some local musicians  (calypso all the way)


Some of the local “brew”



3 thoughts on “Antigua in black and white”

  1. Will have to return to read/view more of your cool stuff. Really liked these b&w’s. Many thanx for visiting my blog and have a wonderful time both writing and photographing in whatever genre hits your fancy at the time.

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