Tip: Travel photo gear : The Canon Powershot G1 X Mark 2, and the BlackRapid SnaprR


I just wanted to share a little photo gear tip that might be work for travel photographs. One of the major issues with travel photos is that sometimes you don’t want to bring to much gear, and you want to bring it safe and so on. So when I was going to South Africa a month ago, I found out that I wanted to get myself  a smaller point and shoot (compact) camera. Primarily for those times it can be a little difficult to bring a big DSLR with lots of gear and lenses, or a little bit of discretion is the name of the game.

Canon Powershot G1 X Mark 2

Let me just say. I am a DSLR user, and I don’t mind carrying big lenses and a lot of gear, so personally I don’t understand the big protest many have about the G1 X size. Yeah, for a point and shoot it is quite big. But I think it is great. And one of the reasons that I have become a fan over the month I have had it is that it is kind of close in function and functionality to a standard Canon DSLR, so the dials and knobs kind of make sense for me. But I have to say….. the dials are still quite small, and that can be a bit troublesome at times.

So what is my favourite about the G1X Mark 2

No doubt the scene and creative shot modes. There are plenty different modes that are prefixed on the camera, and they work very well. And many of them surprisingly good. Especially I am a fan of the “hand held night modes”

Evening light over a hotel in Oslo in june 2014


, and the “star” trail modes that works extremely vel.

Starstruck evening shoot in South Africa in mai 2014

Another function that I enjoy is that you have a 24-120 mm lens equivalent on the camera. And in most cases that is just fine.

And of course , it delivers all the other functions that you should expect from a compact camera. But I have to say, it is one thing that I would have wished that I had, and that is that it could store the RAW file if I use the creative modes, but I guess that is not possible. Another thing that bothers me is that I wish the battery could last a little bit longer, it only last about 250 images, and I think that is a bit to little.

But overall I really enjoy this camera, but it will not replace my 5d Mark 3 as my primary weapon of choice 🙂


The BlackRapid SnapR

So I haven gotten myself a new camera, but that only solves half the problem. The other half is how to bring it with you. I am a big fan of the Blackrapid products, and especially the Rstrap. The functionality is great, and the look and feel is good, and an extra benefit is that you have a little more professional look, and that can help in some places that you want to shoot. And now I found a product that is specifically made for point and shoot (compact) cameras, and that is the SnapR. It is “just” a sling type strap with a bag attached, and that makes a big difference. Because it allows you to store your camera safe, and quickly bring it to life if you want to catch that crucial moment.  After using it for some weeks now, I think it have a couple of other nice features too. One of them is that it have a couple of good sized pockets that allows you to bring some small essentials as cleaning kits,  extra batteries or memory cards. This I find nice, and very practical.

“I love it when a plan comes together”

This is how it looks with my setup





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