The world`s most stunning sunrises

I have partnered with Holiday Lettings from Trip Advisor to bring you some amazing stories. View this segment on the world`s most stunning sunrises. Hope you enjoy 🙂 -Ray

Stayed up late or woken up early? You’ll be too excited to sleep when you see the sun’s first rays light up one of the world’s most special spots. From an African delta to a stretch of Australian shoreline, Holiday Lettings suggests some dazzling places to welcome a new day.

Stonehenge, UK



Photo credit: Stonehenge Stone Circle (license) via

Why not join the revellers celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge? Reputedly a place of sun worship for thousands of years, there’s no better spot to honour the year’s longest day. Absorb this compelling landmark’s mystery as a supernaturally beautiful sunrise illuminates it.

For more prehistoric puzzles, why not tour the largest stone circle in the world at nearby Avebury? Wiltshire’s famous for its white horses carved into the chalk landscape too – Westbury is the oldest and most prominent. Head to Sidbury Hill to see the largest man-made mound in Europe – it’s apparently as tall as the Egyptian pyramids.

Svalbard, Norway


Does the sun ever actually rise here? This is the land of summer’s midnight sun and the arctic winter’s 24-hour polar nights. At other times of year though, the sunrises here are magical. Spectacular mountains and glaciers dot Svalbard’s horizon, providing a powerful backdrop for the drama.

If you’re in Svalbard in summer, you can go hiking or out on a boat trip. If you go kayaking, you may discover a seal resting on a nearby sheet of ice. In winter, try the skiing, dog sledding and snowmobile safaris. There are more polar bears than people, though, so do watch out!

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii


Photo credit: Dustin A. Lewis (license) via

Head to the island of Maui to watch dawn break above the clouds from the peak of a 1.1-million year-old volcano. You’ll see the clear night sky and twinkling stars disappear as the sun’s beams dance across the earth and sky. It’s the perfect start to another day in paradise.

As the day progresses you can wander round the island’s pineapple fields and eat the freshest fruit you’ve ever tried. Try snorkeling or scuba diving to find the island’s tropical fish, or set sail at sunset on a cocktail cruise, complete with balmy breezes and traditional island music.

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Photo credit: JP Lies (license) via

Catch the reflections of slumbering crocodiles and grazing gazelles as early morning rays bounce off the delta’s majestic, watery plains and the mists roll back to reveal Botswana’s varied wildlife in all its glory. Will you spy a lone giraffe wandering across the wetlands?

For further wildlife sightings, you can coast through water-lily lagoons and down papyrus waterways in a dugout canoe. Follow big game through fertile savannah grasslands or fish quietly in a knee-deep floodplain. You could get off the beaten track on an elephant-back safari, but for a completely different perspective take a helicopter ride along the Delta.

Surfers Paradise, Australia


Photo credit: Raelene Gutierrez (license) via

Surf, sand and stunning sunrises – say g’day to Surfers Paradise as you ride a dawn wave towards Australia’s most gorgeous beaches. The Gold Coast offers 75km of immaculate shoreline for you to stroll along as you admire the sun painting the sky and high-rise buildings in yellow, orange and gold.

Make the most of your time in Surfers Paradise: visit the SkyPoint Observation Deck for views from Brisbane in the north to Byron Bay in the south. Get out on the water to watch for whales and try jet boating, or take advantage of the town’s many high-end boutiques or cool clubs.


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