Final preparation done for my Antarctica trip

In a little less than two days I am starting the first leg of my trip. I am going to leave my hometown in Northern Norway, and go down to Oslo, to work for a couple of days before my adventure starts. And I have been waiting for this. Half a year in planning, a cancelled trip from G Adventures, but the Norwegian travel agent “Hvitserk“, saved the day with  a trip thru Polarquest , or One Ocean Expeditions , so I will manage to get myself to Antarctica this year after all.  I have made my bags ready, tested my gear over the last year, and made lists of everything that I will bring.

I have also been working out hard, and feel good and well prepared for the upcoming adventure. I think I have thought thru everything I can prepare for, so all the remains is to sit back for the next couple of days, and start the long journey, first to Oslo, then to Buenos Aires, then onwards and downwards to Ushuaia, and finally the voyage to the Antarctic continent.

So like this Albatross I met some years ago outside Galapagos. It is about time to spread the wings and fly.

More to come .



3 thoughts on “Final preparation done for my Antarctica trip”

  1. Very interested to read all about your upcoming expedition in Antarctica. I’m also planning a trip in the future and looking at all sorts of outlets to make it possible.

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