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Vancouver , a first meet

I have now spent a day in Vancouver, and what an impression. The town is lovely, but the people even more so. From my hostess at my AirBNB housing, to the staff and people I have encountered on my way thru town, trying to find what I need for my camping trip that starts in a couple of days. When it comes to servicemindness , I find them second to none, I am very impressed.


This is close by where I live , a beautiful higway , where nature have been adjusted nicely.


This is from downtow, old and new put nicely together.


Here you see the waterfront , a large shipping and container docks right in the city centre. Not even such an operation is of bother for the view or the feel of the city.

they also make room for some art, just look at this statue from outside one of the terminal buildings.


A just brilliant first impression.


— Ray




Picture of the day: Old whaleing station on Deception Island

Yet another piece of history Norwegian Antarctic history. This is an old whaling station on the amazing Deception Island, that is one of the worlds few  calderas. (Volcano that you can sail into).  You can see the ice shelf in the front, and old , and almost collapsed buildings in the back.


Picture of the day: The blue continent

No trip to the Arctic or Antarctica is without ice and icebergs, and the share might of this magnificent creations is just awe-inspiring. This is shot just of shore on one of the landings in the impressive continent, and I have to admit, that bright blue color just takes my breath away.


Picture of the day: The old abandoned whaling station “Stromness” in South Georgia

This is remembrance of yesteryear.  There are a lot of old abandoned whaling stations all over the southern oceans , and today they are manly rusty pieces of history. Image is shot at the old whaling station at “Stromness bay” in South Georgia.


Picture of the day: “Lady Elizabeth” in Stanley

The port of Stanley in the Falkland Islands is a quite fascinating place. And one of the major attractions is this iron Barque , the “Lady Elizabeth”, that beached and became shipwrecked here in 1913, and in 1936 she drifted to where she currently i located in a small cove just outside the town. I think she is quite the sight, and for those of you  have seen my maritime images, I enjoy presenting them in black and white , and with a little grain to bring out the “history”.


Picture of the day: A taste of Buenos Aires

I have spent the day today together with Lisa from Photo Ruta in Buenos Aires, and it have been an excellent day seeing this quite lovely city.  During the day I have gotten a little taste of what this city have to offer, and I am quite stunned.  I am in the process of importing my images, but I just had to share one from todays “catch”.


Picture of the day: The bigger things…..

I am on a photographer workshop in Bosnia Herzegovina at the moment, and a big part of the workshop is naturally related to the war of not so long ago. It have only been 20 years, and even though much have been rebuild, there are many, way to many places that the visual impressions gives no doubt about what happened here. The picture of the day, is of a hotel that was made for the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 in the mountain regions outside Sarajevo town. As you can see from the image, It is totally destroyed, and todays serves as a grim reminder of the war, and is located  beautifully on top of a hill.  I got permission to go inside, and I doubt I will post more of those images here, but seeing this , along with hearing all the stories form the local people , certainly makes an impression.


Picture of the day: Remains of yesteryear

Tomorrow am I going to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a 10 day street and documentary photography workshop. So todays image is from my last trip that took me to Australia, and Tasmania where the ruins of the former Port Arthur prison colony was. The image is of one of the wardens , or other higher servicemen housing, and  I think it fits as a street or documentary photography type image.