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Picture of the day: A little part of eastern Europe beauty

I am going to Bosnia and Herzegovina in three days, and in that honor I have this image from a shopping mall outside the Red Square in Moscow. Quite stunning in size and architecture. Can not wait to see a new part of eastern Europe.


Whats up there?

The answer is Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. When I went to South Africa last year we had a goal of going up to the cable cart to Table Mountain, but we had to do two attempts  because of the weather. And when we finally made it up there, the weather got so bad that we had to evacuate down again. Still a great memory. 🙂


Picture of the day: Betty`s Hope

Betty`s Hope was a large-scale plantation on Antigua and Barbuda, and today is no longer in operation. The estate have today a heritage status, and some of the buildings on the former estate have been restored, amongst others, this sugar mill, that is quite the impressive site.