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Picture of the day: Tierra del Fuego

The fire country, It is just beautiful, and it was beautiful to visit. Pure and wild. I very did enjoyed it, just would like to spend a little more time there.


Picture of the day: Remains of yesteryear

Tomorrow am I going to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a 10 day street and documentary photography workshop. So todays image is from my last trip that took me to Australia, and Tasmania where the ruins of the former Port Arthur prison colony was. The image is of one of the wardens , or other higher servicemen housing, and  I think it fits as a street or documentary photography type image.


Picture of the day: A sea turtle swimming at the Great Barrier Reef

I have used the day on the Great Barrier Reef today, and it was amazing. I managed to get this image of a sea turtle that was swimming around amongst the corals. Have not seen one since I was in the Galapagos, and I think they are  such graceful creatures.


Picture of the day: View of the Iguassu falls

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the Iguassu falls is one of the more spectacular sights I have ever seen. And this view shows the entire gorge that have alle the different falls  of the Iguassu. If you are wondering what that the vortex in the middle is, that is just water vapour from the “Devils mouth” that i presented in yesterdays post.



Picture of the day: The devils mouth at the waterfalls of Iguazu

The  Iguassu falls on the border between Argentina an Brazil is just one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen, and the “devils mouth” is  a cicular shape drop that just end in a big white vale of water. It is just amazing.