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Picture of the day: The riches of the Great Barrier Reef

I am still going down memory lane from my trip to Australia earlier this year. Todays image is from one of the small islands on the reef , where lots of birds of different kinds are nesting and living. Quite a sight.



Picture of the day: Cape Tribulation

This is one of my favourite places in Australia. One of the most beautiful spots that I have ever seen, but that is not all that interesting. The Sharks, Saltwater crocs and poisonous jellyfish makes is extremely dangerous for us humans. So I guess nature beats us this time…. 🙂


Picture of the day: A room with a view :) (Tasmanian style)

I have been waiting for posting this, but it is defiantly one of the more interesting accommodations that I ever experienced around the world. I was attending a rather splendid trip to Tasmania earlier this year, and we where going around the east coast of the island, and was close the old prison colony of Port Arthur.  Then we got Our place for the upcoming days. A nice little house with ample space, but the most amazing thing was the old graveyard at the other side of the garden….. A quite haunting experience.. HAHAHA ….:)


Picture of the day: The Daintree rainforest

This is from the Daintree river in the northern Australia. It is shot earlier this year, when we where out looking for the crocs that always are lurking in the water. It was raining , and in that matter the forest was living up to its name. It is actually the worlds oldest rainforest. A cool place indeed.