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Picture of the day: Magnificent Antarctica

I have so many images to share, so many stories about the great white continent to tell.  So here I go. Todays image is just a little “moment” from the Antarctic peninsula, and as you can see, the weather was ever-changing. But is was just adding to the great experience.


Picture of the day: The beauty of Antarctica

I am in my hotel room at EZE airport in Buenos Aires, and hopefully will I get a flight tomorrow since Lufthansa have cancelled my flight due to a strike… (oh joy…) But I guess it will work out, but I have not gotten any info yet.

I have had some time tonight to think about what I have experienced over the last three weeks in the Southern Oceans and Antarctica, a lot to contemplate about, and more to come. So I think I just will show a little image of the first place we visited in Antarctica , the island of Astrolab, with its iconic mountain range, the “Dragons teeth”.


Whats up there?

The answer is Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. When I went to South Africa last year we had a goal of going up to the cable cart to Table Mountain, but we had to do two attempts  because of the weather. And when we finally made it up there, the weather got so bad that we had to evacuate down again. Still a great memory. 🙂


Picture of the day: A view of my hometown today

It haven’t been all that windy and rainy today, so I could take my drone out for a little spin. It is always a nice experience to see the world from another perspective.
So I took this shoot about an hour ago, and just to try to make people understand how the clouds are forming, and probably some bad weather will hit my hometown soon, so  I added the effect of black and white.

Have a good day for the remains of the weekend.