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Beautiful Canada

Enough said….. I have been camping in this natural wonder of the World for the last week, and it have given me Streptococcus, an unknown virus,  and a case of  acute bronchitis. But is still makes it all worth it when you get rewarded with such views after a short hike.



Vancouver , a first meet

I have now spent a day in Vancouver, and what an impression. The town is lovely, but the people even more so. From my hostess at my AirBNB housing, to the staff and people I have encountered on my way thru town, trying to find what I need for my camping trip that starts in a couple of days. When it comes to servicemindness , I find them second to none, I am very impressed.


This is close by where I live , a beautiful higway , where nature have been adjusted nicely.


This is from downtow, old and new put nicely together.


Here you see the waterfront , a large shipping and container docks right in the city centre. Not even such an operation is of bother for the view or the feel of the city.

they also make room for some art, just look at this statue from outside one of the terminal buildings.


A just brilliant first impression.


— Ray




Picture of the day: View of Toronto from the CN tower

I have started looking at old images from old travels, and you start to memorise about old adventures and people you met and things you did. Toronto is absolutely one of the places that I would like to visit again. So I just felt like sharing a iconic view from atop the CN tower.



A glance at Toronto and the CN tower

After most of an entire day was spent transporting myself from Honolulu by San Francisco to Toronto I arrived early this morning. The problem with early arriving flights is that hotels are very seldom ready for you, and today was no exceptions. So even if I was really tired from a long day of travelling I venturered out and saw some of the downtown metropolitan,and I took a trip to the famous CN tower. Here are some pictures and comments.

Downtown Toronto is quite beautiful early a sunday morning


The CN tower, it is not strange that the Canadians are proud of it……


The view from the observation deck is quite impressive. It is such a clear day


From the pod dec that is almost 500 meters up in the air they say that you can se as far as New York state, or the Niagra Falls. I dont know where that will be on the horizon, but I do not doubt it for one second.


Here are a short video where I walk around the sky pod of the CN tower, and you get a little impression of the hight of the place..