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Picture of the day: The beauty of Antarctica

I am in my hotel room at EZE airport in Buenos Aires, and hopefully will I get a flight tomorrow since Lufthansa have cancelled my flight due to a strike… (oh joy…) But I guess it will work out, but I have not gotten any info yet.

I have had some time tonight to think about what I have experienced over the last three weeks in the Southern Oceans and Antarctica, a lot to contemplate about, and more to come. So I think I just will show a little image of the first place we visited in Antarctica , the island of Astrolab, with its iconic mountain range, the “Dragons teeth”.


Picture of the day: So many coconuts…..

This little image is shot at the Mekong delta in Vietnam last summer. No stop in South East Asia should be without a trip to the mighty Mekong.  After some hours on the river we went ashore on this little family run coconut business.  This young man had the job of splitting them open, and as you can see of the piles of coconut on all sides of him. His job was done with skill and efficiency.


Picture of the day: The old ship entering port

The Norwegian Costal Voyage is an important part of the west and northern Norwegian culture, for many years it have brought goods and people along the cost of Norway, and nowadays it also have an important part as a tourist voyage. This image shows one of the oldest ships in the fleet (I am not sure if it still is operational)  entering the port of Sandnessjøen about a year ago.



Some martime images

I live in the costal parts of northen Norway, and the sea and the maritime past and present is very important.

Here are a couple of images that tries to capture that.

First a little image of some docks.


Here a local ferry lying in waiting. The ferry is old, and only uses if one of the ordinary ones, are out for maintenance or similar.


This i small harbour house, located straight on the docs .


Here are a local fishing vessel approaching the local harbour.


And this is the Norwegian Costal Voyage arriving for the day.



Moscow river cruise

Todays main activity was a short cruise on the Moscow river. The port is located  a short ten minutes walk from my hotel, and I had heard that this was something to see. But as with everything, the language barrier was a little problem as always, but with a little bit of entreprenurial spirit and good help from the excellent reception at my hotel they wrote a note explaining what I was trying to do…. That was getting on the cruise that leaves and return to the same port not far from my hotel. (othervise , I would probably not be writing this article now,  takeing some kind of transport to somewhere I DONT KNOW…)

So with the note In my hand, and a questionmark on my face  I handed the lady the note, and she started pointing and explaining and I concurred. (Hoping we could make an agreement.  5 minutes and 300 rubles (12 $) later, I was directed to my ship.

This was obious a popular activity for ordinary russians, becouse quite a lot of people was on the cruise, enjoying the scenary and taking pictures.

This first picture  I took from the boat show the hotel where I am staying. Its name is “Katerina city hotel”, and it is very nice and quiet. During my four days here I have meet english, scots, welsh, sweeds, chillien, deutch, austrien, french and of course russian staying here. So truly a international place.


The next images show some of the Kremlin and the red square as it is seen from the river. Since Moscow was founded at the river, and the river provided the big oportunities, it also introduced the large threats. The Kremlin fortifications is quite impressive and deterritive when seen up close.


The Kremlin fortifications consists of many beautiful watchtowers. Here are a good example.


Inside the Kremlin are many important buildings. If I am not mistaken, this one is the office of President Putin.


The Church of St.Basil is one of the more iconic images of Moscow. It is stunning from the river.


Alongside the river there where walkways and places for recreation. This was a stairway down to the riverbed. Brilliantly made into the landscape.


When I can experience landscapes as this in the middle of a crowded and large world city as Moscow. I can understand why the locals enjoy some time on the river.


Behind the river, you can spot the new modern buildings rising.