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Picture of the day: Street life in India

Shot back in 2012 this little it depicts a little bit of daily life in the crowded downtown of New Delhi.


Picture of the day: Crowded place (Taj Mahal)

Todays stroll down memory lane is of maybe one of the most famous, most visited and impressive buildings in the world. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Shot way back in 2012 it was quite the view when it appeared thru the main gate for the first time. And as you can see, there where lots and lots of other people gathering to view the site.


Picture of the day: Street life in Delhi, India

I am continuing my stroll down memory lane, and today I have choosen a shot from downtown New Delhi. More precise outside the parliament in Delhi. It shows a lot of tuk tuk drivers, and other people waiting  outside either for tourist that where visiting or people working in the parliament.



A night of Indian Martial Arts (Kalarikalai )

When I was visiting new Delhi my travel agent was asking if there where anything special I would like to see when I was in India. As a martial arts practitioner and enthusiast I was very interested in seeing a traditional Indian martial show or school.  And they arranged me to meet at a martial arts school , and I got to spend a night watching on of the teachings of on of India’s leading Gurus of martial arts, and if I understand correctly the style of kalarikalai.

The school was small, and located in a small suburb of Delhi.

This images shows the students doing some warm up exercises. The Guru stands watchful to the right in the image.

I had the opportunity of sitting down with with the Guru, and he explained the history of the martial arts style and how body, mind and fighting fits together.

Here he is showing on of the students the  right stance for some of the work

I made a request if I could watch some weapon training, and polite as the Guru was he showed and instructed his student in the different arms at his disposal

Among other subjects he showed knife disarming drill…. Indian style

I had a very nice time at the school, and I wanna thank for arranging it for me.


The Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar is in my point of view a litte special site. It is a site made by a genius indian mathematician and astronomer in the 1600. I have some images to show you his very impressive instruments that he build to be able to calculate time and space.

First you have a solar clock that calculates the time within a twenty second margin of error


He was of course not satisfied wth that , so he made the worlds largest one, with a margin of error of only two seconds


Then he had some other tools calculating the suns movement


And as a hobby he also took his time doning some astrology. This was one of his tools.