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Winter wonder land

I have been out and about today, and shoot some images. During the night there have been snowing quite a bit, and that makes for some very nice combination of snow and light over the landscape.




Picture of the day: A view from above

It is a quite lovely day here in Northern Norway, and I went on a short hike to get a good vantage point overlooking the my hometown of Brønnøysund, and its two most famous mountains. Torghatten on the far left, and Ramtind on the far right. Shot with a drone at about 100 meter above sea level.


Picture of the day: The whaling station of Grytviken

This is the old , retired whaling station of Grytviken, South Georgia. I guess this was the largest, and most efficient of the old stations down here. It was left in the fifties, and it serves here as a great piece of history. The picture shows only a small part of the operation, but you get a little image of the massive scale of the operation.




Picture of the day: The blue continent

No trip to the Arctic or Antarctica is without ice and icebergs, and the share might of this magnificent creations is just awe-inspiring. This is shot just of shore on one of the landings in the impressive continent, and I have to admit, that bright blue color just takes my breath away.


Picture of the day: Waterfall at Godthul, South Georgia

This is shot at Godthul in South Georgia, and as I have mentioned many times, the flora , fauna, and the natural beauty of that island is just fascinating. This is a waterfall just a short trip from old left behind remains of a  whaling station.