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Going home for Christmas

Tomorrow I go home to visit my family for the hollidays, and later this week I  will go onwards to Antigua for New Years Celebration..

One thing is for sure…. I don’t travel light….




A memory of this years travel

We are in the approaching the end of the year. And I have seen quite a lot this year. The highlight was of course the summer adventure thru south America. So I just felt like share a little memory form a day excursion in the Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazonas. Floating around the lake , in this small and overcrowded boat. Sturdy operated by our guide, and finding some crackers to feed the piranhas …. All in all a wonderful memory 🙂


So the next trips are already in planning, but next week I will go home for the holidays, and then I will leave to go and celebrate New Years in Antigua.

More adventures to come 🙂


Fun at the themepark

I have been out and about with my GoPRO and taken some action shots at the biggest amusement park in Norway, Tusenfryd. Hope you enjoy and mybe gets a little bit inspired.

First of we have the Supersplash

Then you have the Supersplash seen from “dry land”

Then you have the “Space shot”.  (Ok…. I chicken out here…..)

Then we have the looper ( One big loop)

A waterride



Take care


It is soon time to start my South America adventure

On Wednesday I will be leaving my hometown, and leave for Oslo for some work days. Then on Monday I will be leaving for my Santiago, and my south America adventure for this summer 🙂

I have packed my bags, and I am almost ready, and today I have been doing some equipment testing.

Stay tuned



Last spur of Indian absurdity

I was at time of writing this sitting at a lounge in the Indira Ghandi International Airport (DEL) … The reson I was not able to post this is what I am telling.

The thing was that the airport as expected had Internet access. Hooray.But I had to have to get an SMS to my indian phone number to get access…. This could be a little problem since I dont have an indian phone number, and as I should expect many others at an international airport probably have the same problem…

And I am not making this up,,,,, how could I? ….


First impressions of India

Now have I spent half a day in the city of Delhi and I have to say it seems great. But as any other tropical place on earth.. as a slightly polarbear type individual … it can litterly be  a litte to hot to handle….

But my first experinces until now have been all good. When I arrived at the airport I have seldom had a more simple and easy immigration process ever. I
just handed over the forms, and a couple of stamps later I was on my way.

I have made arrangments with a travel agent named “Indian dream holliday”, and as informed they where waiting for me, and the driver brought me to my hotel. I have to admit I got a little worrid, since they did not know where the hotel was located, but they explaned that the reson  was due to the differnce between the sales department  that made the reconmandations and actual booking, and the operations department that where supposed to assist me…. and I let the doubt be in there favour…

Today I got up early at 10.30 (since I was in bed by half past four I was quite happy), and what was the first Indian thing I mangaged to do …. to take a tuk-tuk ride, and the driver tok me straigth to a handicraft and carpet outlet….. tourist trap…. HELP…… and some rupies  and  a couple of “gifts” later …. I was on my way back… I have to admit that I have traveled so much, that I should have seen that one comming…. but…. ok 🙂

Then at noon the original first time sightseeing started…. and the driver provided by the agency was arrived..

He showed me a lot of nice places, and started  off at a large red mosque in Delhi, this was one of the old large tourist attractions. It was very nice , and a old man gave me a tour of the place .. (I might do a standalone  entry on the place later)


The next place was a large park. It is quite impressive to see all the green lounges in the middle of Delhi, but on a day like today it is just to hot to enjoy them to the fullest.


The next place was some sort of war monument. I did not quite catch what it was, but it was quite amazing.


The next place to visit was the presidents palace, and the adjacent  minstry of defence and finance. It is a clear reminder of the influences of Great Britan in style and grandeur.


From the palace of the president you can overlook the “Kings road” down to the war monument described earlier.


Last but least,  the driver showed me a beautiful church in the middle of Delhi