Safety : A travel emergency kit

Security is very important for me, and travel is my passion.  So it is kind of natural that I try to combine the two. When you  are traveling to different parts of the world, especially the more isolated and secluded places it is of great importance to come prepared. I have some time ago made a post about first aid kit, but I will update and come back to that later. What I will talk about in this post is just the bare essentials, and what I always bring along.

What I have made that I have in my backpack i a small hard case box , that is dust and shock  resistant. Not more that  21×14 x 7 cm . And I have chosen a bright orange colour.  The colour is of lesser importance, but still it is makes it  easier for me to find it, if I need to.


So to the more important stuff. What does it contain?

What I bring  in my emergency kit is to have some mitigation in the following cases.

1. Communication.  My trusty Iridium satellite phone.  I do not need to use it very often, but if my cell phone is not working, or I am off the beaten track it is nice to know that I can always reach other people. This kit also contain the charger and cables for the phone.

2. Light and power outages.  Three liquid glow sticks. This is non toxic, disposable glow sticks that last for 24 hours. If you need to find your way in dark places, or electricity have been out and away. This will never fail.

3. Health. A small bottle with clean salt water (NACL solution)  for cleaning wounds or such,  some band-aid and a  syringe.

5. Emergency contact.  A list of essential phone numbers. embassy, insurance , or other type of emergency numbers

6. Personal ID papers.  A copy of my passport identification page, vaccination card ,  insurance papers or other documentation

7.  Money. A limited amount of  emergency cash. Primarly in Dollars or Euro.

When everything is packed out.  The kit looks like this (the items #5-7 is left out, but they would be at the bottom of the box)


With the lid on it is a snug fit, but if you should need some quick help I does not take a lot of room, and the weight is 1.02 KG.

Keep traveling and stay safe


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