Ukraine 2011: Kiew

Here are some picture from Kiew. A quite lovely city. Grand and beautiful.
Hope you can enjoy the pictures.

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Ukraine 2011: Museum of stratigic missile troops

Here are a slideshow of the Museum of strategic missile troops a couple of hours drive outside Kiew, Ukranie. A facinated place to have seen, and I have to admit that I got a bit claustrophobic when I went 45 metres below ground in one of the former comand centres.

Glad to have been there as a tourist.

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Preperations for trips: bringing first aid kit.


I have been discussing with fellow travelelers  on what to bring of medical supplies when traveling. I guess it comes down to destination, length of stay and access to medical facilities. But for my own sake, I feel much more secure if I bring some supplies with me.

As a advice. I would reconmend the following.

– Adhesive bandages

-Sterile gauze pads
– Sterile non-adherent pads, containing a non-stick teflon layer
– Bandages
– Sailine for cleaning wounds
– Gloves (If i need to treat others)
– Thermometer

– Aloe vera gel

More advice can be found here:

Take care, and safe travel 🙂


by Raymond Hagen

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