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Hope you enjoy

Podcast 10: Antarctica preparation

In this weeks podcast I talk a little bit of the different early preparations I have started to make about my Antarctica trip later this year.

Podcast 9: This weeks podcast is about preparation for upcoming trips, and my thoughts on the new camera gear from Canon and Sony


Podcast 8: First podcast of 2015: The first podcast of 2015. I am just giving some notes on my trip to Australia. Focus in this weeks podcast is travel practicalities.

Podcast 7:Things to consider, when packing for my upcoming trip
Podcast 6:Safety, Gear , bits and bytes
Podcast 5: Travel tips, Sigma 150 – 600 , DJI Drone, different other gear
Podcast 4: This week I tell a little bit about my upcoming new years trip to Australia and Tasmania. I try to connect the dots over to photography, and what gear I am considering to bring together with some street photography tips.
Podcast 3: This week in travel and photography. Street photo and gear, me as a new Nikon user, stop motion and other stuff:
Podcast 2: Get out and shoot 🙂
Podcast 1 : Introduction


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