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Pictures of the day: Mother and child

I was out in the nearby woods here in Northern Norway today, and came over this little fellow. A roe deer that was sitting in the fields.


After a little while a couple of small ears emerged , and I realised that this was a little young one.


And after a little while observing them. They went on their way in the nice settling sun.


Nature at its very best 🙂




Picture of the day: If Your Pictures Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Close Enough

That is a quote from the famous war photographer Robert Capa, and as a lover of natural photographer I enjoy the usage of long telezoom lenses. But sometimes it just do not work. The shot of the day is from the Falkland Islands, and we where visiting a Rockhopper penguin colony, and the penguins where very close. So I got my fish eye lens out, and lie down on the ground. The rockhoppers was intrigued, and they came up close. So I guess this image is shot at a distance of between 5-10 cm. Good fun.


Picture of the day: There she blows (Whale in Southern Ocean)

One of my big hopes of my trip to Southern Ocean was to be able to photograph whale of any kind. On route to the Falkland Islands, we got the chance, and what a sight. Incredible animals, and a beautiful sight. I am not quite sure what kind of whale this is, but the naturalist onboard the ship suggested that it probably was a Sei or a Minke whale.


Picture of the day: Elephant seal relaxing

I have just come back from South Georgia in the middle of the Southern Ocean, and what a wildlife heaven. Penguins, Albatross, whales and lots and lots of other wildlife, but not to forget the mighty elephant seal. They where quite spectacular, and an amazing sight.  More to come.