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Picture of the day: A black and white look at Antarctica

Antarctica is spectacular, no doubt about it, and it is amazing in white, blue and all the other colours in between. Today I felt like a little more black and white look at the great continent. Shot somewhere along the coast of the Antarctic peninsula.



Picture of the day: Storm is brewing

Another picture of amazing Antarctica. This is shot on a bright sunny day, but as you can see, in the backgrounds some deep dark clouds was coming low into the surroundings.



Picture of the day: The whaling station of Grytviken

This is the old , retired whaling station of Grytviken, South Georgia. I guess this was the largest, and most efficient of the old stations down here. It was left in the fifties, and it serves here as a great piece of history. The picture shows only a small part of the operation, but you get a little image of the massive scale of the operation.




Picture of the day: Magnificent Antarctica

I have so many images to share, so many stories about the great white continent to tell.  So here I go. Todays image is just a little “moment” from the Antarctic peninsula, and as you can see, the weather was ever-changing. But is was just adding to the great experience.


Picture of the day: A chinstrap penguin on the rocks

Todays image is of one of the many penguins that I met on my trip to Antarctica earlier this year. This is a chinstrap, the name du to the special “strap” feature under its chin.  It certainly seems to be enjoying the peace and calm of its location.