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Another Antigua image : Half Moon Bay

This is one of the more famous beaches in Antigua. I am looking thru old images, and I just had to share this. It is quite lovely.


Picture of the day: The devils bridge in Antigua

Todays image is of the “Devils bridge” on the east coast of Antigua. The bridge is a rock arch that stretches over very rough waters, and when I shot the image this was as close as I was allowed to get due to the weather and wind. The reason for the name has to do with Antigua`s slave past, and that slaves from neighboring estates use to go there and throw themselves overboard. Hence the notion of the devil living there. Even for the grim history of not so distant past, the natural phenomena is quite spectacular.


Picture of the day: Betty`s Hope

Betty`s Hope was a large-scale plantation on Antigua and Barbuda, and today is no longer in operation. The estate have today a heritage status, and some of the buildings on the former estate have been restored, amongst others, this sugar mill, that is quite the impressive site.


Betty`s Hope suger mill

Here is a little history from one of Antigua`s large tourist attractions. The Betty`s Hope suger plantation

This little quote is from  http://www.antigua-barbuda.org. :

Betty’s Hope was the first large sugar plantation on Antigua, and its success led to the island’s rapid development  of large-scale sugar production. Although the only surviving structures are two stone sugar mills and the remains of the stillhouse,  the site’s importance in Antiguan history has prompted the government to begin developing it as an open air museum. About a hundred stone windmill towers  dot the Antiguan landscape, and the two restored examples at  Betty’s Hope provide a dramatic sense of the way these mills  must have dominated the island during the hundreds of years that  sugar production was the dominant industry. Betty’s Hope was built by Sir Christopher Codrington, who came to Antigua in 1674 from Barbados, and was named for his daughter.

Here is a image in HDR that I took of the structures