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Picture of the day: A van with some stuff…..

I have really started to enjoy street photography, just walking around in town and cities trying to find “The decisive moment” like Cartier – Bresson talks about (and you never do), but sometimes I find some small scenes that I think kind of Works,  and yesterday I found this little “retro” scene in one of Oslo`s outdoor markets.



Picture of the day: Cultural landscape in my home town: A monkfish

In all the municipalities in the Norwegian region of “Nordland” have some kind of art installation as a part of there natural décor.  In my hometown of Bronnoy, the art installation is

a small island in the middle of the fjord that have been converted into a monkfish, with the name of Steinar (more fun in Norwegian)  🙂

More info on the sculpture you can find here… (but unfortunately in Norwegian)