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Picture of the day: A small island

I was out and about tonight, and this little spot of green was found in a little lake , not far from my hometown. Fall is here.



Picture of the day: Fall is here

I was out and about today, and one of the more photogenic location that I know is the local harbour, and the ships entering , docking and leaving. Todays shot is from earlier today, and as you can se from the clouds , even if the weather is kind of ok , the summer is definitely leaving, and a colder and wetter season is getting closer.


Picture of the day: Life by the ocean

The summer have arrived late but good, and people are out enjoying the nice weather that is finally here. And this shot is from the harbour area in my hometown, and as you can see. There where some kind of transport ships leaving the town, and the large Norwegian Costal Voyage ship was making port at this point.


Picture of the day: Cheesy

It is a festival  that includes a kind of farmers market in my hometown this weekend. There are a lot of travelling salesman from various places that have taken the trip, and are offering lots of exotic foods and produce that we normally do not find here. Like these two persons selling here speciality cheese. Excellent fun.