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Picture of the day: Winter sunset

I  guess you have seen Torghatten before, but I never quite get bored about shooting this magnificent mountain. And it looks good when the air is cold and the colours come out.



Picture of the day: Oh deer….

Everybody around these parts have heard about “moose in sunset” images. This is the closest I have gotten, except it is not a moose, and it was not quite sunset. I was in a car in the outskirts of my hometown, and this little deer was standing promoting himself on top of a little hill. I just had a few seconds to make the shot, and hence the autofocus made the vegetation in front the focal point. Still I think the deer made for an excellent pose.


Picture of the day: Sunset colours in winter Norway

I was out with a friend today, and we where trying to test our point and shoot cameras at some landscape photos in the beautiful cold winter weather here in Northern Norway. I brought my Canon G1X Mark 2, and he brought his Canon G7X. The camera is quite similar, but his is newer, lighter and more portable, and mine have a little bit bigger  CMOS sensor ( Close to an APS-C).   So we had a lot of fun shooting, and even if the point and shoots are  not quite as flexible as my primary “weapon of choise”, the DSLR.  I think they give stunning results. Todays image is shot today just outside my hometown  with my Canon G1X Mark 2.


Picture of the day: A view of a fjord in Northern Norway

I have been out and about today shooting with my DJI drone. Found this little fjord and farm scenario when shooting from above from  a mountain I have been to today. If you go to my YouTube channel, you will find a video from the area a little bit later today.

Have an excellent weekend 🙂


Picture of the day: A view of my hometown today

It haven’t been all that windy and rainy today, so I could take my drone out for a little spin. It is always a nice experience to see the world from another perspective.
So I took this shoot about an hour ago, and just to try to make people understand how the clouds are forming, and probably some bad weather will hit my hometown soon, so  I added the effect of black and white.

Have a good day for the remains of the weekend.