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Picture of the day: Focus

Todays image is from a market in Buenos Aires , Argentina, when a salesman was tending to his booth. I was on a nice little photowalk with a very nice company  named http://www.foto-ruta.com that showed me the town, and we got to get some shots of the vibrating street scene.   Shot is taken back in october of 2015.




Picture of the day: A taste of Buenos Aires

I have spent the day today together with Lisa from Photo Ruta in Buenos Aires, and it have been an excellent day seeing this quite lovely city.  During the day I have gotten a little taste of what this city have to offer, and I am quite stunned.  I am in the process of importing my images, but I just had to share one from todays “catch”.


Picture of the day: Park life in Buenos Aires

I have started my trip that are going to end up i Antarctica, and just arrived in Buenos Aires earlier today after a long and quite interesting journey getting here. I have just taken a short look around the area where the hotel I am staying at is located, but it certainly seems that the locals enjoy a little patch of green in the concrete jungle here.