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Picture of the day: The many faces of Angkor valley

The Angkor valley in Cambodia is one of the most spectacular historical sites on the planet. Todays image is from one of many sites in the valley. -Ray

Picture of the day: The Angkor valley

This image is from one of my first trips ever, and it took me to Cambodia , and the magnificent Angkor valley outside Siam Reap. It was all the way back in 2011, long before I took my first photographic course, and there where no full frame DSLR or other equipment at hand. Only a trusty and quite excellent Casio Point and shoot camera. And I have to say, I think it did a decent job, considering that I did not know what I was telling it to do. Oh how the times have changed…… (I am getting old I guess…..)


Picture of the day: One of the many temples of the Angkor Valley in Cambodia

I am walking down memory lane, and looking and rejoicing over old places and journeys (while I plan new ones)…..Todays images was taken back in 2010 while I was visiting Cambodia, just a amazing land with a impressive culture, and an even more impressive way of getting by troubles in the not so distant past.