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Whats in my camera bag …. when I am going to octoberfest in Münic, Germany



I thought I was going to do a little bit different post today, and telling a little about what I am planning to bring of camera equipment when I am going to Germany in a couple of weeks.

There are some small things to consider , and you will find how I am thinking about it in the YouTube video at the end of the post.

0. Preparation

The name of the game is People and Places, so my gear resembles that. I will bring one wide angle, and one short telephoto for my DSLR, and a fixt 35 mm Fuji for the standard street photography stuff.

So here is the listing of the equipment that I talk about in the video.

1. The bag

Think Thank retrospective 20

2. The camera(s) and lenses

My Canon 6d , and the Sigma 12-24 and Canon 70 – 200 lenses

My Fuji X100s Point and shoot.

My Olympus Tough point and shoot

3. Extra stuff

Cleaning cloths, and lens pen

Notebook and pen

Map and travel guide over Münic

Business Cards

My Colorspace Hyperdrive UDMA 750 GB Backup drive

For more information on how I am thinking, and how the different things look, you find my YouTube video here.




Tip: What is in my camerabag…. , and how do I bring it with me on a longer trip

I have had a couple of posts before about packing and different types of camerabags for travel, and I have made it on of my specialites when it comes to travel and photography.  A lot of testing and failing when I have been travelling have made me find that I claim that the following characteristics is necessary for a good camera bag that you are bringing with you for travel.

1) Space for a lot of gear
2) Easy to bring along on day hikes.
3) Sturdy
4) “Air port security” sensible
5) Cabin luggage approved
6) Discrete
7) Rain cover / Weather protected

So , I have Pelicases, suitcases, small backpacks, special camera backpacks with ziplocs towards the back for added security, with weather sealing for hiking, and different smaller types bags for spesific  camera types. But if you are going on a longer photo trip. Non of them will be without compromise.

First of,  let me show what I am planning to bring on my next trip.  I am going on a short trip to South East Asia in a couple of weeks.

In the main compartment

– 2 DSLR bodies
– A small handycam
–  5 lenses (1 big 120-300,  70-200, and there more normal sized lenses)
– A teleconverter
– A external flash
– Two Blackrapid Rstraps
– A couple of external harddrives




In the smaller compartments

– Cleaning kits
– Extra batteries
– Extra memory cards
– Different cables and chargers

And in the outside compartment, I am bringing a small laptop or tablet.

Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW Pro Runner Backpack

So why did I end up with this bag? The main reson was the amount of gear that I wanted to bring, and the most practical when you are on the move is a backpack, and since it is cabin luggage approved it is possible to bring even on smaller regional airlines too. Another  major advantage with the backpack is when we do the security check at the airport. Bringing a lot of electronic gear is a true and valid way of getting picked for a closer securty inspection, so one of my favourite features is that I can open the backpack as a suitcase , and the inspectors can check that everything is as it seems without removing it. When I have used smaller backpacks for camera gear before I often end up taking everything out, and that can be a little bit stressful in a crowded control.

The backpack also have other features that are well known from Lowepro. Compression straps in the front to make a snugger fit, a “cup” for a tripod, and a raincover that can be pulled over the pack at your convenience.




All in all , a very nice bag that I hope can bring me many good images from all over the globe..