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Picture of the day: Cape Tribulation

This is one of my favourite places in Australia. One of the most beautiful spots that I have ever seen, but that is not all that interesting. The Sharks, Saltwater crocs and poisonous jellyfish makes is extremely dangerous for us humans. So I guess nature beats us this time…. 🙂


Picture of the day: The beach at Cape Tribulation

This is a beach in pristine condition. The reason is simple . This is Cape Tribulation in Northern Australia. In the shoreline there lurks large saltwater crocs, and in further out in the water hides sharks and poisonous jellyfish. But still, one of the more beautiful places I have ever seen.


Picture of the day: The beauty in the Beast / Beach…..

This is the magnificent Cape Tribulation , named by Captain Cook as a word for all the “trouble” that he had in this area. Amongst other things his ship went aground here, and that almost stopped him from claiming the region for England.

Enough  with the history lesson, but what I find most fantastic is that this pearl for everyone blessed with the gift of sight is that you in the water have jellyfish of the deadly kind, different types of sharks and of course the saltwater crocks that makes it impossible to go near the water.  Still it makes for a spectacular sight.