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Education of talented children in North Korea


When I went to North Korea this summer, I was invited to a school for talented children in the country.  This was of course a part of the official program, and our guides was quite excited showing this I guess elementary and high school combined into one.

The outside of the building was quite impressive with typical North Korean statues, but not with soldiers / farmers / workers like anywhere else. There where children riding some kind of mythical creatures.  As you can see, playful and happy children dressed both the astronaut, the musician and the soldier amongst others is present in the buggy.


Our guides had a special guide , that of course where a child attending the school. She is leading us around the impressive building while telling us about all that is happening here. Notice the white and blue uniform that she is wearing.  The red wall in the back is a typical North Korean signature in the first part of important structure signaling some sort of salutation from one of the leaders visiting the place, as you can see from the image. One visit of significance took place 15.the april 1989.


In different rooms there where activity all around.

First stop where ballet lessons. Hard to guess age, but I would suggest 5-7 years old.


Next of where som different music classes. We had several different instruments they where teaching, but the accordion seem to be a favourite. (never been one of mine… but that is another thing…)


In such a vast complex there would also be sports that are being thought. Volleyball seems to be in high regard.They seem to be already at a high level regardless of their age.


The sciences also had their place in the school. This was a computer class. The leaders where ever-present.


And I love it when a good plan comes together. After being shown around in the massive complex, we had to attend a show of the talented youth. It was directed by a young girl.


North Korea calls themself “The land of the rising calm”, so when the presentation was over. The sun was setting appropriately in the background. As you can see from the images, people seemed impressed with the performance.