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Picture of the day: The devils bridge in Antigua

Todays image is of the “Devils bridge” on the east coast of Antigua. The bridge is a rock arch that stretches over very rough waters, and when I shot the image this was as close as I was allowed to get due to the weather and wind. The reason for the name has to do with Antigua`s slave past, and that slaves from neighboring estates use to go there and throw themselves overboard. Hence the notion of the devil living there. Even for the grim history of not so distant past, the natural phenomena is quite spectacular.


The Devils Brigde on Antigua

This natural phenomena is located on the eastern shores of Antigua.

It have a grim history, and hence the name. This little text is a quote from http://www.antiguanice.com.

“On the east coast of the island is the famous Devil’s Bridge. Devil’s Bridge was call so because a lot of slaves from the neighboring estates use to go there and throw themselves overboard. That was an area of mass suicide, so people use to say the Devil have to be there. The waters around Devil’s Bridge is always rough and anyone fall over the bridge never come out alive”.

Still. The site it self is quite spectacular: