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Podcast: This week in Travel and Photography

This week it is my thoughts on:

  • Upcoming trip to Australia
  • The most versatile lens in my setup … The Canon 24 – 70 L lens
  • The Sigma 150 – 600 Sport lens
  • Transport of Drone

As mentioned in the section of the Sigma 150 – 600, here you will find the image in full resolution regarding the lens performing on 600mm wide open

Sigma150-600FullRes600mmD810 (1 of 1)

(opens when you click on it)

Hope you enjoy


Picture of the day: A view of a fjord in Northern Norway

I have been out and about today shooting with my DJI drone. Found this little fjord and farm scenario when shooting from above from  a mountain I have been to today. If you go to my YouTube channel, you will find a video from the area a little bit later today.

Have an excellent weekend 🙂