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Picture of the day: Where to next?

In one month I will be on my way to South America, and then onwards to the Southern Oceans. So looking back into the archive I found this sunset from Easter Island, that gave me a view in the right direction.


Picture of the day: The moais of Easter Island

Since it is a few months until my next trip, I am showing some images from the archive. The chosen image of the day is from the moai mine on Easter Island that I visited back in 2013. The moai mine was the Volcano where the mighty statues was made, and then they “walked”, or moved their way to their permanent locations around the magnificent island.


Picture of the day: A view of Oceania

I am leaving for a trip to Australia in the morning, and that is my first trip there. Many regards that you havent been to the Oceania continent without having been to Australia, but some counts Easter Island as a part of Oceania. As a reminder of what to come, my image of the day a view from Easter Island. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming three weeks and exploring the wast country of Australia.