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Fun at the themepark

I have been out and about with my GoPRO and taken some action shots at the biggest amusement park in Norway, Tusenfryd. Hope you enjoy and mybe gets a little bit inspired.

First of we have the Supersplash

Then you have the Supersplash seen from “dry land”

Then you have the “Space shot”.  (Ok…. I chicken out here…..)

Then we have the looper ( One big loop)

A waterride



Take care



Car race (bilcross) at a circuit near my hometown

Today I want to show you some images from a car races that are a nice spectator sport where I am from. It is performed by cheap old wrecks of cars, and it is all about good sportsmanship and excitement. Here a couple of shots form todays event. Start of one of the races vedal1 One contestant making good time…. vedal2 Good speed, lifting up… vedal4 The flag is waiving, the race is over… vedal3 A nice day at the races -Ray