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Picture of the day : Deer me

This is one from the archive. Shot outside my parents hometown on the western part of Norway about a year ago. Unlike in my hometown where elk (moose) and venison are plentiful. There are deer that are the name of “game” on those parts of  Norway. I think they look quite stunning.


Picture of the day: A little piece of middle ages history

I am still on the west coast of Norway visiting my parents, and of course I have to venture out trying to get some shots. Mybe the most spectacular pieces of history around these parts is this old wooden church (Holdhus gamle kirke), that dates all the way back to 1306. Still looks impressive after all these years.


Picture of the day: The snow have arrived….

I woke up today, and the snow had finally arrived, and it had snowed a lot during the morning hours.  I just want to show a couple of images that I took earlier today.

Just to give a little more impression of how much snow that have arrived today. The same place was green and wet yesterday.