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Picture of the day: Street photgraphhy in Vietnam

As most of you know, I am fascinated with the interaction that street photography gives. My shot of the day is from Hanoi in Vietnam this summer. And in many circumstance’s people enjoy being “made interesting”  by a photographer.


Picture of the day: Vietnamese girl with Ao dai (Long dress) in Hanoi, Vietnam

There are many interesting things that you can encounter when you are travelling, and when you are traveling with a camera I am often mistaken for being a  photographer or journalist of sorts, and that brings some amazing opportunities. For example this image here. I was walking in a park in Hanoi, and this girl was walking around together with some friends. I looked at her, and asked if I could take her image. And I had one chance, and this was the result. I was quite happy with it.   It is quite a common sight to see girls with these long dresses (Ao dai) all over Vietnam.