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Picture of the day: The old ship entering port

The Norwegian Costal Voyage is an important part of the west and northern Norwegian culture, for many years it have brought goods and people along the cost of Norway, and nowadays it also have an important part as a tourist voyage. This image shows one of the oldest ships in the fleet (I am not sure if it still is operational)  entering the port of Sandnessjøen about a year ago.



Picture of the day: Weather experience – It has started snowing early this year….

We had a very early Christmas party at work yesterday…. (it is usually  held a lot closer to Christmas….. but ok.. ) The funny thing was that the first  snow started falling yesterday, and since the we where attending the party on board a ship I show you little “weather experience ” from the town of Rørvik in Northern Norway late yesterday when we where boarding the ship to go back home. (The rest of the images from the evening is for private viewing only 🙂  )