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Picture of the day: Waiting for its prey

Crocs have always fascinated me. They are amongst the oldest creatures on this planet, and are still going strong. This little fellow was “hiding in plain sight” at the water’s edge in Krüger National Park, and as the opportunistic beings that they are, waiting for todays meal to pass by.


A couple of big cats from Krüger NP in South Africa

One of the most magnificent sights I have ever seen is the big cats of Africa.

Fist of we have the king of the jungle, the Lion. It is not the best of images, as it is taken at range and the lionesses was having a quiet day at the riverbank.


Lionness at the Krüger NP


The next on was the leppard, this one was relaxing in a tree


Leppard in a tree in Krüger NP

Take care