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Picture of the day: It is weekend

And it is time to relax. I think this leopard that I meet in Krüger National Park last year have the right idea. Have a good weekend


Picture of the day: Waiting for its prey

Crocs have always fascinated me. They are amongst the oldest creatures on this planet, and are still going strong. This little fellow was “hiding in plain sight” at the water’s edge in Krüger National Park, and as the opportunistic beings that they are, waiting for todays meal to pass by.


A new week is upon us.

A new week is aprocing, and I just felt like sharing someting kind of inspirational.  And for inspiration I often look to the animal kingdom, and what is more inspirering than the biggest land animal of them all. the elephant. (It was quite the feeling of shooting this image at a a few meters away in South Africa earlier this year) . I wish you all a very good week.