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Picture of the day: A travel memory from 2014. Market in Ho An , Vietnam

We are getting closer to 2015. I have started my vacation, and are looking at some old images from so far this year. My very memorable trip to Vietnam had many highlights, and the city of Ho An was absolutely one of they. Todays image is from the local market.


Picture of the day: A van with some stuff…..

I have really started to enjoy street photography, just walking around in town and cities trying to find “The decisive moment” like Cartier – Bresson talks about (and you never do), but sometimes I find some small scenes that I think kind of Works,  and yesterday I found this little “retro” scene in one of Oslo`s outdoor markets.



Picture of the day: A fish marked in Phu Quoc , Vietnam

When I traveled thru Vietnam this summer, I ended up in Phu Quoc island that is a very beautiful,  and have a lot of the traditional asian way of life. Amonst other activities it had several markets , and this one was near the largest town on the island. This local woman was selling her Fish.